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Bay Horticultural Seeds are experienced horticultural professionals specialising in seed identification, harvesting, processing and supply of a wide range of both native and exotic tree, shrub, sedge, grass and palm species.

Located at Redland Bay, south east of Brisbane and travel throughout Queensland and Northern NSW harvesting seed from natural areas, parks, roadsides and State forests.

We currently hold seed collection permits and supply to many regional councils, city councils and with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.  We also have a large network of landholders who allow us access to their properties for the purpose of seed collection and species identification.

Our clients include a variety of wholesale production nurseries, tubestock nurseries, land rehabilitation contractors, mining companies, seed merchants and also to the hobby gardener. 

We believe that freshly harvested seed produces the best results for the grower and take pride in our ability to deliver the highest quality product to our customers. 


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